Winter wedding- bouquet stems wrapped or unwrapped?

Hey guys..

I need advice. I am having my wedding on Nov 30th of this year. It is a classic black and white wedding. I haven't decided if I wanted my bouquet stems wrapped or left unwrapped. What do you guys think? Is unwrapped more instyle? Which do you think looks best.



Re: Winter wedding- bouquet stems wrapped or unwrapped?

  • I honestly cannot tell you the last time I noticed the stems of bouquets either in person or in photos. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding 2 weeks ago, and I have no idea what the bouquet wraps looked like. I think this is one of those things to not overthink on.

    I'm having mine wrapped in lace with pearl pins, but that's just because I like lace and pearls. Go with what you think looks pretty!

  • I vote wrapped if you are doing real flowers. I think it gives the bouquet a more finished look.
  • I think either way will be fine, but for some reason I tend to lean toward the wrapped for a winter wedding :)
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