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 We are having a very informal afternoon/evening reception at the fellowship hall of the church. We will be serving dinner, and there will be live piano music. The church service will be traditional, and we intend on taking photos for about an hour between the ceremony and reception.



Would having a sort of receiving line directly after the ceremony at the back (by the exit) of the sanctuary slow things down too much? Usually at our church the pastor exits toward the door and greets everyone as they leave. I would like to do this, but I am worried that people will want to stop and chat too much and we’ll be held up taking pictures (or seem rude if we don’t wait for everyone to go by). If we just run away to take pictures when do we get to talk to everyone? Several posts here describe either giving up food for table visits or having sort of muddled visits. If we get our food last and visit with people while they are eating then what do they do while we’re eating (we're going to play a 1950s trivia game could we entertain them with this while we're eating)? Or did/are you just going to try and eat quickly?

Re: Receiving Line/ Visiting Tables

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    For table visits, it works out so that people are at their tables awaiting food.  You get served first, and get done first, and you go around while others are eating, chatting with them for a few minutes before passing on to the next table. 

    I plan on doing table visits, but seeing everyone is NOT something I am stressed about.  I love and adore everyone invited, and we're going to have a great night of parting and revelry.  I know that even if it weren't something I was told to do, I'd go around and talk to everyone.  I'm hoping to get pictures and dances with pretty much everyone!
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    We didn't have to give up eating to do our table visits. Anybody who was leaving before we got to them just came up to us. 

    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    I'm also assuming you won't be asking people to leave as soon as they finish their dinner. You'll  have some additional time to "make rounds" throughout the entire reception.


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    The only thing to be careful about in terms of receiving lines is releasing the guests "by row". Just let guests join the receiving line at will.

    DH & I often skip the receiving line (we talk to the couple and the hosts later, since we often stay for the entirety of the reception), so sitting in the Church waiting to be released is a painful reminder of our grade school days.

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    I hate being released by row.  I hate waiting in receiving lines and I skip them (although many people really do like them).  I love table visits.  If I didn't get to see the B/G before the end of the nigh because I wasn't at my table or they somehow missed my table I'd approach them myself. 
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