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Nevada-Las Vegas

need honest opinions

So we are still trying to nail down plans for after the ceremony. Our entire guest lists is full of fun laid back easy going people....

Would if be way out of line to do a casual dinner like pizza, burgers or something along those lines and then go party in a bad ass suite? 

we are doing a DDB tour for sure, and of course would supply all the alcohol for the whole day as well as more snacks and stuff in the suite.

so be honest ladies would you feel that was crappy or would you be ok with that?

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Re: need honest opinions

  • I'm all for partying lol..I'd be happy doing that! :)
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  • jccswljccswl member
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    I think it's fine as long as you provide your guests with some sort of meal. You can't go wrong with pizza, and I'd have appetizers or finger foods for your in suite would be awesome. What is crappy is NOT providing any sort of food or meal for your guests. 
  • Ditto PP. Just make sure they are full (and tipsy:). Burgers could be really fun and there are so many "fancy" burger places in Vegas to choose from.
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  • I love it! You know your guests and I think it sounds fun!

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  • I think that sounds fun!  You are feeding them and providing alcohol and it's Vegas!  What more could they want?!  :)

    If you haven't already done your invites, I would have those be fun and laid back with a good description of the events - that way they know what they are getting into.  
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  • I also think it sounds fun, and a very good idea! Leaves you with more cash to splash on the bad ass suite too :)

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  • I think we may have the DDB stop at IN-N-OUT! We are from Washington State so we don't have that up here. I think guests will get a kick out of it. So have to bus take them from the ceremony to the sign we will meet up with them there and then continue the bus tour and off to the suite for a PARTY! hehe
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  • I prioritize booze over food, so if you have both you're doing great.  I've been to enough dry weddings in my life that I want to shoot myself when we get those invites.

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  • Some people only do apps or dessert for their wedding so you are a head of the game.  I think it sounds fun.  Maybe you could just spruce it up a little by not serving it on paper plates or get fun personalized napkins.
  • That sounds like something I'd be willing tondo too! Let me know if you find a good place.
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  • I think it is awesome!  Gone are the days when weddings had to be fancy and formal.  I think the goal now is to make it personal to you and your fiance.  We have friends that are in the process of planning their wedding and they are going to have BBQ burgers.  Knowing them, that is totally appropriate and will be way more fun than something stuffy and formal.
  • Thank you so much! I think we are going for it! 
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  • Im all for food I recognize, I had to Google what a vegetable crudet was. Just do one thing take the pizza out of the boxes before serving at my cousins wedding they didn't. I think thats the fine line between fun and cheap
  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago member
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    Our whole wedding is going to be like that. After the ceremony, we're going back to the suite for dinner and drinks (and "dinner" is really just a table full of heavy apps and burgers, nothing formal). Then, we're going bowling in our formal wear. :) Anyone who doesn't want to bowl can hang out in the dance club or bar in the same building. We plan to be pretty much all night. I'm bringing comfy shoes to change into when we leave the suite.

  • We have decide to go for it! Going to in n out for dinner after the welcome sign the finish the strip tour, and to MGM skyline terrace suite to party!
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