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Re: Everyone should read this

  • Wow if that is true its ridiculous. I was happy to even get a 10 dollar bill. Wow.
  • Exactly I am happy about whatever.  It really sucks that people act this way.  I remember I was going to a good friends wedding I believe two years ago and Peadar and I were not very well off, I was only working part time and I gave her a physical gift of something I know she wanted off her registry and we also gave them a jar of pickles for a joke.  She was completely okay with what I could give her and she loved both.  She uses the gift all the time and jar of pickles is what they ate after their honeymoon!!!!  
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  • Haha cute story! 100 dollars from one couple seems like plenty if not a lot to me. Yours was cute because it was personal :)
  • That's insane! 
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