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Rhode Island

So quiet...

Hi girls!

I haven't come on here as much as I should but I can't help but notice that this board is so quiet...not a lot of posts going on. Are the majority of the RI brides on other boards? I'm a CA bride (but I'm from RI) and those boards are filled with all sorts of wedding related things. I can't really use that board since my wedding is taking place in RI...just wondering if I'm missing something or if maybe the brides here are just a little more quiet than what I'm used to. (and yes, many CA brides are beasts when it comes to wedding planning, & I must say, it's very nice to not have to deal with that! lol)

Does anyone have any reviews for the Warwick Country Club (aside from the one review posted not to long ago?) or the Towers? I love the Towers but concerned if we have it on a holiday how that will fair with traffic and parking. Any suggestions for any historic type venues would be very helpful. I moved from RI as a kid so I have no idea where to look. I'm trying to keep the rental fee $5k and below if possible.

Thanks girls!

Re: So quiet...

  • I agree that things are pretty quite lately, but I couldn't tell you why!! Overall, I've found most people on this board to be very informative and supportive!

    I went to a wedding at the Towers in May and it was lovely, but I can imagine that parking could be a tough situation.  But best of luck!!

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  • Thank you! Yea, I'm thinking its going to be a nightmare. Such a shame they don't have their own parking.
  • I am a former knottie, the boards tend to cycle but it does seem unusually quiet.

    I have never been to the towers but I have to been to two weddings at Warwick country club. Both were lovely and the renovations they have done are beautiful. The bayside deck is a good size for cocktail and offers a stunning view. The food is also very good. It is a bit out of the way for guests, depending on where they are coming from but the view is worth it.
  • I love the Towers! It wasn't really an option for me because my sister had her wedding there a few years ago :( and I didn't want to be a copy cat! But it was SOOOO pretty. 

    What holiday weekend will your wedding be? If you have an evening reception, the traffic/parking shouldn't be horrible because everyone will be leaving the beach. Totally depends on what holiday and how the weather turns out. 

    I'm doing my wedding at North Beach Clubhouse, down the street from the Towers. The rental fee is only $1,100 for non-residents in season, but then there are tent and chair rents, which will still keep you under $5k. Smaller venue though - only 100 people.

    Never been to Warwick Country Club, so I'm no help there. But good luck with your search!
  • Most of the national boards are quiet too, we aren't exactly sure the reasons but some of it is partially due to the increase of spamming (bumped up) and internal quarrels among some of the brides have led to bans. Luckily that is not the case here but it is unusual for the summer to be this quiet. 
  • July 4th...I know am I crazy? I tend to think I am at this point lol I'm thinking the CC might be the one for us but I just love the history behind the Towers. Thanks for your help ladies!!
  • Hi There, you could try the South County Museum, they have some cool spaces indoors or they will set up a tent. Its very close to the towers. They do not have a TON of weddings though, but I have been to one there and it was very pretty.

    The Warwick Country club is very pretty, great view, but its a tad pricey. They have the rental fee plus a rather high minimum.

    Also, with regards to the quiet board, RI is TINY compared to CA, just a lot less people :)
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