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Wedding Licenses?

My fiance lives in England and will be coming over to New Hampshire (where I live) to get married and to live. He may have to go back to England before he can permanently move here though. What do we do for our wedding license?

Re: Wedding Licenses?

  • If you are getting married in New Hampshire, the marriage license needs to be from NH (presumably from whatever county you live in or are marrying in... check the rules for your state).

    The fact that he will have to go back to England after the wedding has nothing to do with where you get your license. I would get a couple of certified copies after the wedding, though, so that you can both have them if you need them and are apart.
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    Are you sure you are asking about your marriage license and not about a visa situation?

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  • Yeah, if you are talking about a visa for him to enter the States, you need to talk to an immigration lawyer.

    I know it's possible to get a fiancé visa, which gives you about a 3-month period in which to arrive and get married, and then after the wedding I believe he could apply for permanent residency as your spouse (and so he might not have to go back to England).

    But seriously, check with a professional, since everyone's cases are different. (if this is what you are really asking about)
  • Contact the county clerk's office in the county in which you plan to have the marriage for information on marriage license requirements.  The marriage license is given to you by the place where you have the actual wedding.  But, as PPs noted, if you're talking about visas, you need to contact an immigration lawyer (or there's a ton of information on the USCIS webpage).
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