Making bouts/coursages w/ real flowers

I'm planning on getting all my flowers from the market the day before and making all my bouquets. I could use some of those flowers to make everything else without spending much more than my time. Has anyone tried or will be trying? Is this very hard to pull off? I'm seriously considering it but don't know if I'm completely insane. Or should I suck it up and buy some? I won't have a clue on what flowers I'll be having until I get them so I would have no way of telling a florist what to use.....

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Re: Making bouts/coursages w/ real flowers

  • I don't think you are insane, I would just stick to very simple arrangements. If you are making bouquets out of a single type of flower, plus some greenery, it will be a lot easier than trying to mix 3-5 flowers KWIM? I would go down to the market when you have some free time and buy a couple of bunches of flowers and play around with them. Also make sure to ask for recommendations for stems that hold up well-things like hydrangeas are hard to keep fresh. 
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