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Band Reccomendations??

We're just starting to look into bands for our Fall 2013, Sunday wedding. Would love a brass band for a second-line & the 1st half of the reception & possibly one additional band. Any suggestions?

Re: Band Reccomendations??

  • We have booked Smitty Dee's for our Second Line in late October. They were highly recommended by our Wedding Planner, Weddings by Lulu who hired them for her own wedding. He was very responsive via email & phone.
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  • We loved Kinfolk Brass Band!  We hired them through White Oak Productions, but here is their website:


    Our picture is on the their Photos page!

    We coordinated our song choices, permits, second line route and everything through White Oak.
  • For our second line and cocktail hour we used Rebirth and they were amazing.
  • We used kinfolk for our second line and booked through Becky at White Oak as well. They are fantastic, we had so much fun! Our wedding was at the wax and when we got back after the second line they just stayed out and played in the street and we had a little dance party in front of the wax museum, everyone had such a great time..HIGHLY recommend
  • To piggy-back on this question (since I had the same one, thanks nolabride22!)... How much do second line bands normally run?
  • I think it will depend on how long you have them booked for and what band you go with. I think Kinfolk was around $800, but I can't remember exactly, and I'm not sure about any of the other bands. Call Becky at White Oak and she'll give you prices for a couple of different bands that they usually book. And they'll point you in the right direction as far as applying for the permit, if you're doing your second line outdoors. The price of the permit is around $50 and you're required to pay for police escorts, which will vary based on the number of people you think will participate in the second line. We had about 175 people and they said we'd need 3 policeman and that was $325.
  • We had The Mixed Nuts for our band, and Chuck Credo also had a second line band come do our second line. We added the 3 horns to get more of the 'traditional' music thrown in there. I think the band was like $4000 with the horns and $700 for the Second Line Band.
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  • We hired Dr. Jazz for our second line!! His prices are SUPER reasonable.  The BEST I found and they are a reception band as well.  He is actually an MD at Children's hospital and has a jazz band.  How cool?!
  • We had a DJ for the two hours of our reception and then had Coolbone Brass Band for the last two hours and our second line.  They were AMAZING.  One of the highlights of the wedding.  We also booked them through White Oak Productions...
  • Smitty Dee's performed a second line at my wedding. I found out a year after my wedding that my wedding guests had to pay them several hundred dollars out of pocket when they were threatening to leave before performing (bc a guest passed out in the middle of the ceremony and 911 had to be called; the band got tired of waiting). They didn't play the song that was requested to be played upon the bride and groom exiting St. Louis Cathedral. They LEFT THE BRIDE AND GROOM and proceeded down the street, leaving my husband and I to have to RUN several blocks in our wedding attire to catch up with them!!?!? Then once we caught up, they stopped dancing. They literally WALKED the rest of the way to the reception venue. ALL of their music was monotonous and not exciting. They were the part of our wedding we were most looking forward to showing out out of town guests to give them a NOLA wedding experience. They were the WORST part of our wedding! DO NOT BOOK THEM FOR ANYTHING! They were by far the worst decision I made for my wedding. 
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