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What to expect at a "Long Island Style" Chinese wedding in LI in afternoon with breakfast?!

My wife works with people from many countries at the U.N. She received an email inviting us to a wedding that was apparently planned quite quickly. Part of the email says, and I quote, "The wedding will start at 11:30am and end around 4:30-5:00pm. Long Island style reception, breakfast, hor devours, appetizer, main entree, desert and, of course, the wedding cake will be served as well as different kinds of beverage and alcohol." Beyond the date and city where it is being held, that's all the information I have. This leaves me confused as to what to expect the day to be like, even just the reception. I would ask my wife to ask the couple, but asking such questions before accepting an invitation seems a bit gauche (tacky, rude, ungrateful, etc.) Am I right, or am I being too polite at my own expense? Certainly, the day would involve several hours of driving, including New York City traffic involving people returning from weekend shore trips. I would hate to commit such a long and late-ending day to something I'm ill-prepared for. 

Does anyone have any idea what "Long Island style" means? I'm fairly sure it does not mean "Jewish", since these are two Chinese people. I'm also thrown off by the fact breakfast is being served, even though the wedding does not even start until 11:30 am. I suspect that replies based on-only somewhat-informed opinions might be more helpful than nothing, so have at it with suggestions, folks. Thanks.
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