December 2013 Weddings

December 29, 2013!

Any other 12/29/13 brides/grooms out there?  Looking forward to a winter wedding!

Re: December 29, 2013!

  • we are just a few weeks before you, very much looking forward to a winter wedding! :)

  • 12-28-13 here!  close!


  • aekcaekc member
    Yay, congrats to y'all!  I feel like there's still so much to do :P
  • New Year's Eve here! Close!

    I haven't done jack smack except but the 2 Star Wars figurines for our cake topper, lol. I did several centerpiece mock ups, and liked some, but got annoyed and then we decided to change the theme to more of a wintry theme with some Star Wars thrown in lol.

    I'm about to scrap nd do a Christmas theme! New Year's Eve theme Didn't sound good bc we are getting married earlier in the day and then doing an after party!
  • I'm a 12/28/13 bride!!! Yea!! 
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