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Any Property Brothers fans?

FI and I literally watch this show every day, even if it is a rerun.  It's just too damn good.  People in an expensive suburban area have million dollar tastes with a 300K budget, get a reality check, and then give in and get the house of their dreams, plus equity!

We are discussing purchasing a home next year after the wedding, and talking about doing something crazy like they do on these episodes...just put aside about $75,000 and hopefully find someone half as good as those Canadian cuties. 

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Re: Any Property Brothers fans?

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    I watch it occasionally, more now that I'm on vacation and daytime TV sucks.  I always love it when they show the real price to people who have no clue about housing prices.  I love the shocked faces

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    I love the Property Brothers. I don't watch it religiously, but I di enjoy it when it is on. Plus, I think they are both cute. They aren't as hot as the Income Property guy, though!
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    I watch it all the time too.  I get all these ideas and then it hits me that I can't design my way out of a paper bag.
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    We watch property brothers frequently. We're also fans of love it or list it.
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    I like to watch it but then I get inspired to renovate unti I realize that I am still renting. I do like to see what they can do to a run down home. I have heard that the show only renovates the rooms that are shown. They do not do the whole house.

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    I love it and it gives my fiance and I ideas of what we want to do to our house. We have only lived here about a year and once the wedding is over we can begin to make some changes!
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    HGTV in general is the downfall of our free time. All we do is change things in our (brand new) house thanks to ideas we've seen on those shows. Property Brothers and Love it or List it are our favorites. I really wanted to buy a cosmetically run down house and update it, but H insisted on buying brand new (because his family always does) and here we are painting, building, and changing everything every weekend anyway. But I love it :)
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