Florist took our flowers back... please read!

Hello everyone,

Long story short,

The day after our wedding, the florist went to the reception hall where we had the reception and picked up ALL of the flowers and took them back, We were scheduled to go pick up all of our property from the reception hall. When we went Sunday evening, all of our stuff was ready and waiting for us but all of the floral arrangements were gone. We asked the florist if she knew where they were and she said, "Due to clean up times, we went and picked them up and took them back to the shop" We wrote a letter to her explaining that those flowers were our property and we paid $1600 for them. It was not her place, or right, to take our flowers.

We wrote her a letter explaining our disappointment and asked her how she would like to rectify this situation.

Do you think we should get at least a partial refund for the flowers we purchased??

Re: Florist took our flowers back... please read!

  • I understand that you paid for them and they were your property as a result for paying for them, but what were you planning on doing with the arrangements?  Why couldn't you have just gone to her shop and picked them up from there or asked her to bring them to your house since they were yours?

    I think asking for a refund is a bit ridiculous.  The primary reason for purchasing those flowers was for you to use them at your wedding reception.  That happened.  Is it weird that she went back and picked them all up?  Yes.  I have never heard a florist do that unless it was contracted.

    Also, do you think that maybe she was trying to help you out by picking them up?  She said that "due to clean up time".  Maybe the clean up time had long since passed when you showed up and your florist decided to pick up they arrangements so that they weren't tossed in the garbage.

    I mean did you even ask "hey can we come get our arrangements from your shop?" before writing her a letter?

    I feel like this really could have been handled differently.

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  • I'm confused. Is there a reason you didn't call her up the next day and say "Hey we'd like to pick up our flowers from you. When is a good time?"

    What did your contract say?

    But I agree that asking for a full refund is silly - you had flowers on your wedding day.

  • Like the rest of the PP I need more information before I give any kind of feedback.
  • Did you need to return the glassware to the florist? Unless your contract stated that you would receive the arrangements themselves (minus the glassware), I think you are SOL. If you knew they were coming to collect the glassware, if you didn't make the effort to take the flowers before they came to clean up, I don't see how they owe you a refund. 
  • I don't understand this, either. I don't know what you intended to do with the flowers once their purpose had been served. 

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