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A Magical Proposal

April 27, 2013, All I knew was my day started like any other. Saturday morning pet groomings are not my favorite, but this particular Saturday my now fiance felt otherwise. While I was at work, he was running around like a mad man. I found this out once I returned home and opened my bedroom door. Around my ceiling trailed blue Christmas lights, leading to my drawing table where I found 2 purple roses and a message in a bottle (some of my favorite things). The message told me we were going to dinner at Stokesay Castle. It was hard to wait, but 3:45 finally rolled around and he was at the door. Upon arriving at the castle, we were greeted by the hostess who was to take us on our tour (which I didn't know about until that moment). We walked around looking at the grand dining room, the wine cellar, the Knight's Pub, etc. Then, we got to our last stop, the library. I am always swept away by libraries and this one was beautiful. As the curtains opened and we entered my eye was caught by the picture I drew for him of the two of us. Why was it here? How was it here?...He led me to the table we'd be eating at and on it sat a glass dome with the 3rd purple rose in it and another letter. His words in it were beautiful and eloquent, explaining how he felt about me...and then, down on one knee, he asked. And I said, "Of course I will!"

If you didn't see the resemblance, my fiance designed the entire proposal around Beauty and the Beast. I'm a huge Disney fan and this was always my favorite. The library, the castle, the pure, innocent story of love and romance, the floating rose in a glass dome. It was all so enchanted.
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