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Escort Cards Trouble (Japanese)

Besides having the over theme of Japan/ US, my weddings theme is that of cherry blossoms. Currently, I have plans for the placement cards at the tables, but I am having so much trouble figuring out what to do for the escort cards! Any suggestions?

Re: Escort Cards Trouble (Japanese)

  • We just did simple tent cards with people's names on them. Do you need both? Or can you just do escort cards and people can just sit where they want at their table?
  • Sadly we need both since my mother wont let me just have them choose their seat at the table :(
  • Bummer. You can also do like a chart. I've seen some on pinterest and some of the other girls had like a giant seating chart that was decorated. See this

    Honestly, how pissed is your mom going to be if they don't exactly sit where she wants them to? I know we had guests even swap tables like traded spots.

    I think if you have to do both make them like similar (matching paper) but different styles. I think it will look really redundant to have both be tent cards and the escort cards saying "First Last Table 4" and place cards again saying "First Last" Maybe make the place "cards" a favor with their name on it or something
  • I went to a wedding where they had people escorting us to our tables.  They had a list of which table each person was to sit at.  It felt a bit like being seated at a restaurant with reservations.  

    If you have someone that can do the escorting, this may work for your situation.
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