Reception HELP! - Noblesville

We are planning on having our ceremony at the gazebo at Dr. James A Dillon Park in Noblesville. I am looking EVERYWHERE for a reception hall to accomodate possibly up to 300 people. We are on a budget, but I'm willing to negotiate. We are not Elks members, therefore we cannot have it there. We are looking for someone CLOSE to the park, not necessarily right next door.


If you have ANY suggestions, please HELP! I am dying on the vine over here!


Thank you in advance!

Re: Reception HELP! - Noblesville

  • Check out Milltop


  • I second Mill Top ( It's one of the places we're looking at and it's gorgeous! They have a space not currently listed on there, the Loft, that would be really nice!

    Also, Mustard Seed Gardens is a possibility if you're open to the idea of a barn reception.
  • I had my wedding and reception at the Milltop- although it is beautiful, it is pricey. And you also have to use their catering, which is also a bit much. But it is beautiful!
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