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New York-Long Island

Is anyone else shocked by hotel prices on Long Island?

I opted to have my wedding on Long Island because while I no longer live here, I did grow up here and most of my family is still on Long Island.  However, FI's half of the guest list is really more like 60-70% and so we are having quite a few travel in for the wedding.  We started looking at hotels to recommend and I am shocked by the high prices.  To stay at a hotel in Riverhead is over $250 a night - for a Holiday Inn Express - not even a fantastic hotel.  I can't find any hotels under $150 and most of the hotels I do find have mediocre - to - poor reviews on sites like yelp.  Plus, my FI is pretty adamant that we spend our wedding night at the same hotel that we recommend for our guests.  I just wouldn't look forward to a wedding night at a 2 star hotel (hopefully I don't sound too spoiled here - definitely not my intention).

If anyone has good recommendations for hotels in the area that are both nice and reasonably priced I would love to hear about it.

As a source of comparison, FI and I just went to a friend's wedding in a city (so no need to rent a car) and we spent just over $100/night for a very nice hotel and there was still talk about it being fairly pricey among his friends.  I'm afraid that we've chosen a location that will price most of our friends out of attending and that would make us really sad.

Re: Is anyone else shocked by hotel prices on Long Island?

  • Did you actually contact the hotels for group rates, or are you just looking at the prices online?

    I have a wedding to go to Labor Day Weekend and their hotel is the Holiday Inn Express in Riverhead--I believe it's about $160 the night of the wedding (although it's a Sunday, so that could change depending on when your wedding is).
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