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I'm sure this has already been asked before, but there isn't a post that addresses this in my recent memory...

Anyone know of a really good spray tan place to go before the wedding? I woiuld like to try the airbrushing tans instead of the tanning booths (for the booths I only use VersaSpa, everything else turns me orange). I've never had an airbrush tan, so if anyone has had an experience with them please let me know. I just want some color without looking orange.

Ok, and just as a rant, does anyone else get frustrated with the whole tanning thing? I just want a little color, but my wedding is in March. I think people that look overly tan in the winter months look ridiculous. Almost all my bridesmaids are from the South they are going to fry themselves in tanning beds before my wedding. Sometimes they end up looking like they rolled in cheese doritos.... 

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Re: Spray Tanning

  • I had a spray tan done for my Bridal shower, I don't think it was considered Airbrush but it wasn't in a booth either, the esthetician did it. I think it turned out fantastic. I have to say the first 2 days I was rather worried about it but by Saturday it was perfect! I wasn't orange at all. They did offer different stages of color though too, I think I may have done a mixture. I would recommend going before the wedding and trying it out it see if you like it.

    I also agree about the over tanning for the season. I'm opting to not get the spray tan for the wedding. I'm too paranoid of it rubbing of on my dress. Note: I did not have a problem with this for my Birdal Shower. However, with wearing Ivory that may be a different story. I plan on just jumping in a tanning bed a few times before the wedding. It takes me forever to tan so it won't change much!

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  • I am probably going to tan.  I want some color too!  I know there' s lots of health risks (and on tons of boards they flame for that) but I have dark skin naturally and tan easily. 

    I guess I'm open to spray tanning but I'm worried I'll look weird/it will rub off on my dress...can that happen?
  • Yeah I was worrying about that too... However, I know other girls who have spray tanned for their wedding and they were fine.

    I really wouldn't mind a few tanning sessions before the wedding, but to date I have had over 8 bioposies done to remove suspicious skin cells. 8 out of 9 turned out abnormal. Two of those were extremely abnormal and periliously close to skin cancer. So no tanning bed for me.

    Heb- That is what I was looking for- someone to spray me rather than a booth. Where did you have it done?
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  • eek, sari that is really scary... I have some friends who have had some biopsies too.
    looking forward to hearing the airbrush person, heb!
  • Md- Yeay, no fun at all. I have had them all in the course of a three year period (at least 2 a year so far). The last one was just on my toe. Not a fun place to have it. Once the dermatologist sent me to a plastic surgeron when I had to have more on my side taken out so I wouldn't scar. I also know a girl who ended up with full blown cancer, and she posted all her scars on facebook as a way to deter other girls in the area. It was awful looking.

    So my tanning bed experiences= painful and expensive procedures

    I think that is why I get so frustrated with girls from back home who go to the tanning bed every single day. Literally. It not only looks bad to be that fried, but it is truly dangerous. I have had people from my hometown tell me I need to go tan to "get some color' for the wedding. So I show them my scars. Shuts them up pretty quick.
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  • I got a spray tan for my wedding at Tan 360 in Shadyside.  It was reasonably priced and it looked decent.  I got my first tan about 30 days before the wedding, to see how it faded and how many days out I should get one.

    The tan did look slightly orange for the first day and started to spot on the 10th day, so when I went for my wedding, I went about 7 days out, so for the rehearsal dinner and wedding it looked natural.  I got married at the end of September, and I didn't feel like I was over colored...just evenly colored (I had tan lines from the summer).

    I didn't have any rub off of me on the rehearsal day or the wedding day, because I did the trial run.  Also, my Mom uses the Jergen's self tanner. I haven't had success with it (I'm really quite pale), but she is slightly darker than me and has had great success with it.


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  • Thanks MRads! I'll definitely check it out!
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  • I went to Reshapetique in Irwin! 

    I was pretty nervous because they had just started the spray tanning, and I do have to admit like Mrads the first day I was too dark. I made sure to exfoliate before I went  help keep the color even, and they recommend lotioning dry spots(Do not lather your whole body with lotion or the color won't hold). I also made sure to pay special attention when exfoliating to my "target" areas, such as hands and feet because those are usually easy give aways for spray tan mishaps.

    I also agree with Mrads that after about 7-10 days I started to see the color fade, but I won't lie I wanted the color off, so I made sure to exfoliate daily. When you first get a spray tan you can't shower for 8 hours after getting it done so the color hold, and I felt pretty dirty. They recommend to wash lightly when showering, which I usually SCRUB! So right after my Bridal shower my goal was to get the "tan" off because I did not want to spot and look weird. But all in all the color looked fantastic the day it should have!
    We're Married!! And I couldn't be happier!
  • Sar, I go to a girl who works out of her home in Bethel Park. It's a 30 minute dive from the city, but she is seriously worth it. I got it done for a wedding I was in in July and it looked really great. I've gone to her a few times since and I've always been really happy. I did go to Studio Booth near Trader Joe's when she wasn't available because try have the same system and I hated it. It's seriously dependent on the person that does it. Her phone number is 412-478-6840, she has kids so you might have to leave a message but she gets back to you quickly. Her website is
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