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BM dress issue

Sweet mother of bridesmaids, I'm about to lose my mind and may need a push in the "right" direction, wherever that is. I'll try to keep it short.

Wedding: 6 weeks away

2 weeks ago bride finally decides on bridesmaid dresses: she wants short yellow and I quote "whatever you like" but think country, lacy, etc The guys are wearing green and white gingham shirts with khakis, pretty casual.

Okay, easy enough right? I go in search of a yellow lace "country" dress of my liking. Not so easy. The stores here are already bringing out their fall stuff (what the heck?!). I find and try on about 20-30 potential dresses that day and send her pictures of several options. Many of the dresses were much too short and "cheeky" if you know what I mean (my opinion, not hers). She replies that the yellows I'm trying on are too bright. Okay... Light yellow, country, lace, above the knee. Check. I find a dress that meets all criteria except lace. Short, country-ish, lighter yellow, and it even came with a really cute brown belt to country-it-up a smudge more! I send her picture and she says "Great!" Later that night, she replies that its actually too bright now that she's really looked at it. After searching high and low on 2 separate days and spending several nights searching online, this dress does not exist in an appropriate length.

Am I wrong for being frustrated? I feel like if the bride wants to be that specific in what she wants, then she needs to choose the dress. With the wedding being so close, we certainly can't go to a bridal shop at this point and "pale yellow" is a pastel that was probably best found in April, not July. Any suggestions? Anyone got a dress I can borrow??

Side note: None of the other BMs (3) have found a dress yet either.

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