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So I am still in the process of selecting my wedding colors. My wedding is not until May 31, 2014. However, I read some suggestions to not get your heart set on colors without knowing what flowers you could use. I have narrowed down to nay/pink or navy with an aqua or green color. I was wondering if anyone knew what flowers might be available in May that would work this color scheme? I have tried googling it, but really did not get many results. 

Re: Suggestions for Flowers

  • Pretty much all flowers are available year round besides for a few exceptions (like peonies).

    I really like the navy and pink and navy and lime green color combo.

    Unless you have your heart set on a specific flower there are many options available for both the pink and green options.

    Pink:  hydrangeas, roses, gerbs, tulips, orchids, alstromeria, stock, wax flower

    Green:  button mums, bells of Ireland, hydrangea, orchids, and you could also do succulents

  • if you cannot find your color, it seem like the previous post has the right idea,you can always dye your flowers.
  • Personally I would go with the colors you like, and worst case scenario you use white flowers and use ribbon to bring in your colors. I hate the look of dyed flowers. 
  • OP, please do not have your flowers dyed.  Good florists will actually not do this because there are always better options that will coordinate well and dying flowers an unnatural color like navy (I mean have you ever seen a navy rose?) is just ugly.

    But if you do want some blue flowers you could always use hydrangea and delphinium which comes in a great dark blue.

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