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The Victorian

Has anyone held, or knows of someone who used The Victorian in Santa Monica for their ceremony and/or reception?  It looks like an awesome location and so far the stuff I've read is all positive, but I was wondering if anyone could provide any more details about it.  Thanks!

Re: The Victorian

  • I know there is someone here that's used it... I forget their name though. Perhaps do a search on the board?

    You should be able to call the venue and ask for references from other couples. When I searched for venues I looked for pictures online, then got in touch with the photographer to see if the couple would be willing to talk to me. It worked several times and they were more than happy to help!

  • Thanks!  I was able to do a board search and find a few discussion threads.  Reviews look great and seem to confirm that this is definitely our top choice! 
  • Just saw this...we got married there about 2 1/2 years ago....and really liked it. Feel free to pm me with any questions. =)
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