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Cruise Wedding

Looking for anyone who has been married on a cruise. I need to know what you forgot to bring or things I should know ahead of time. Our original wedding was going to be in May 2014 but we have recently decided on a cruise wedding for November of this year. Everything is already booked but with it being only months away I having to prepare at lot faster than I thought!

Re: Cruise Wedding

  • I don't know of anyone on the board who did a destination cruise wedding (there might be a lurker or two that have), but you may also want to take a look at the 'Destination Wedding' board under the 'Wedding Theme' drop down menu over to the right of the page. There are probably a lot more ladies on the national boards that would be able to chime in with first hand advice. Good luck!
  • I am also having a cruise ship wedding in November. Would be nice to have some advice. We've been on a few cruises before, so I know what to expect in that aspect.
  • Were doing a cruise wedding next March. 6 night cruise getting married on the beach on Grand Cayman. Best to you! :-)
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