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Snap Shot Parties - Photobooth warning

I hired Snap Shot Parties to provide a photo booth at my June 2013 wedding.  I used them because I had a Groupon.  Since they are not a Knot vendor, I couldn’t review them directly, but I felt like it was important to say my piece in case it might help anyone.  Please note that I rated all my other vendors A+, so this is not an irrational bridezilla review.  I rate their product A+, HOWEVER, they get an F- for service.  The main contact in DFW is named Lonnie.  I was not really happy about his lax attitude in responding to my emails even before the wedding, but that wasn’t a big deal.  What was a big deal was that his rep was two hours late getting set up at my wedding and caused my ceremony to start late.  Lonnie promised me they would show up to set up for my 7 pm wedding at 5:30.  When I showed up at the venue at 6:45—the photo booth was nowhere to be seen.  My coordinator told me that when the young lady representing Snap Shot that day had arrived with the equipment and found that the parking garage entry was too low for her truck.  According to ALL my other vendors on site at that time, the Snap Shot Parties rep became rude, irate, and overly dramatic about the difficulty of her situation.  Then she stormed off.  She just left.  The venue staff and my coordinator agreed that she made an easy-to-fix situation into an unnecessary problem.  I understand she had trouble with the parking garage—but so did the florist and instead of throwing a fit and yelling at my other vendors, the florist came inside the venue, grabbed some help and got her job done on time.  You can imagine how unhappy I was to show up to the venue, with my guests seated and ready to walk down the aisle and see that the photo booth was nowhere to be found.  And, her tardiness caused my wedding to START LATE.  No one could get a hold of her and we did not know whether she’d ever come back.  The entrance to the reception space is right next to the ceremony space and I needed confirmation that she wouldn’t just show up and start unloading her stuff during my ceremony.  Luckily, she showed up and venue and coordinator did a STELLAR job of sneaking her grumpy self in the back door and helped her unload her equipment and get set up before the guests came inside.  I will say that, after everything was set up, the rest of the night went very well and my guests LOVED the photo-booth.  Even so, if you decide to use Snap Shot Parties, beware.  <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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