I am less than a month away from my Hawaii Wedding!

And I have never been to Hawaii!! Hahaha

My completed plans are:

Diamond Head Beach Park  Ceremony

Coconut Club Reception

I have about 30 guests total flying from various cities accross the US but mainly L.A.

Thank you to all who have inspired me on here :)


Wish me luck!




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Re: I am less than a month away from my Hawaii Wedding!

  • Hi Jen! Best of luck! I'm sure you will have a fantastic day :) I'm actually looking at having our reception at Coconut Club also for around 30-40 guests. Just wanted to know what your reception is like? Are you having a band/music? We only want to do dinner, none of the traditional stuff like dancing, band, cake etc. Would that be too boring up there do you think? We're tossing up between just doing it downstairs at Tikis or having that amazing view for our guests! I'd love to know what your doing! Thanks, Christine
  • Best of Luck! Have a great time!
  • Have a fantastic time!

    We had our reception at the Coconut Club and it was amazing.  There were only 19 of us (travelled from Australia) and everyone had a fantastic time.  The guests loved the views, they are amazing!  We didn't have a band just had our IPod for music, we also had a Hula dancer for an hour when we first arrived.  The only traditional things we still had was the cake and speeches.  None of our guests got bored!
  • Oh good to know! I like the idea of a hula dancer and the iPod. We're travelling from Australia too :)
  • Hi Ladies!

    I opted out of the DJ, band etc and I am just using their ipod dock.  We feel it should be sufficient for our number of guests.  I did coordinate a cake, chair covers, sashes, and flowers to be delivered.  I am decorating the tables with menus, centerpieces, and favors myself. 

    I will let you all know how it goes!

    Jen :)

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  • Good luck for a beautiful and memorable day! Enjoy your stay!
  • @jenmags hello! Congratulations on your wedding :) i hope it turned out to be everything you wanted and more :) ! I am looking into booking the Coconut Club for our reception, I am expecting about 30 guests and was wondering how you would rate the CC club? I am planning my wedding from California and I'm debating on hiring a wedding coordinator. I know you also mentioned you were planning your wedding from afar. Would you recommend hiring one? And I don't want to be rude but would you mind telling me what you guys spent on the reception venue? Thanks so much any advise would help :)
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