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Catholic Weddings

Bride's entrance song

I am getting married in a Catholic church. I have recently completely fallen in love with the song "Ave Maria". Can I walk down the isle to that song ? Any thoughts ? 

Re: Bride's entrance song

  • You should always ask your priest or music director to be sure, but Ave Maria is a pretty standard song for Catholic weddings, so it's more than likely allowed.  It's a beautiful song!

  • Ditto monkeysip.  Ask your priest just to make sure.  Our priest told us that as long as it was sacred and/or classical, then it was fine.  Ave Maria should be just fine though, and it's a common choice!  Which version are you using?  (There's TONS).  I'm assuming the Schubert, because it's the most well known.  The Bach/Gounod is lovely too!  I've sung them both, and they're beautiful!  We're using the Schubert version as the last prelude selection, when our families are being seated :)
  • I walked in to this song.  cant imagine why you wouldn't be able to use it.
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