July 2013 Weddings

Wedding Day Stories

Here's mine:
Rehearsal- FI was one hr late to dress rehearsal on Friday. Most of our party bailed on the rehearsal dinner for diff reasons. We had planned for 20 ppl. So my mom called her sisters and told them to round ppl up to come to dinner.
When we got to restaurant they had actually forgotten about us! So we ended up getting free beer and ordering pizzas for everyone that was coming.

Wedding- we were taking pics in the park 20 min away from ceremony. My aunt dropped us all of and we are going to get cabs back. We called the cab co one hr before we needed to be back. 30 min later we start getting worried because no taxi had shown up. FI calls to see what's going on. Co tells us they can't find us and we need to quit moving around the park. We've been in same spot the whole time!
Finally, it's 530 (the time the wedding's supposed to start) FI gets ahold off another cab co. So 9 people crammed in a mini van. FI is in the way back in the trunk. We made a 20 min ride in 10 min!

BMs kept asking me if there was going to be a bridezilla moment all year long. No bz. I kept calm the whole time!
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