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Renewal of vows looking for a dress

Hi everyone I am going to be renewing my vows with my wonderful husband for our 40th anniversary.  I have started to look for dresses and I am not sure how to proceed. I've looked at white bridal gowns, mother of the bride dresses and suits all online. It's not until 2015 so I haven't been to a salon or dept. store. I need some ideas and lots of help. I never got to shop for a gown for my original wedding, I borrowed a gown and want so much to have that experience. I need to look my age but want to look like a bride as well. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Renewal of vows looking for a dress

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    Have you tried some place like kleinfelds in NYC? Is that even in your budget?

    I'd also look at upscale department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue or Nordstroms.

  • I would love to go to NY but it is quite a trip from FL, I need some ideas in the style of dress as I am an older bride. Not sure if I want to go the traditional young bride.
  • busbys1: I too plan on renewing my vows with my husband. We keep having to move the date due to financial reasons but, now we are shooting for our 10th Anniversary in 2016. I will be in my early 50's then. We had a quick court house wedding due to medical illness and financial issues. We were planning on a wedding the following spring but had a surprise baby instead:) Anyway, I think you can wear any style you want. It all depends on what you feel comfortable in and how you feel you look in the style and how it fits the style of your ceremony. The only style I feel to old to wear is anything that looks too princessy. I hope this helps. Enjoy your planning and your Vow Renewal:)
  • Wear what you want including a wedding dress and if there is a davids bridal they see

    mm to be the less expensive bridal store   

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    Some of the department stores carry bridal lines now that you may find more to your liking.  Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, J Crew, and Macy's, to name a few, carry bridal gowns now.

    Just taking a glance, Nordstrom has several styles that would be very appropriate for you and still look bridal.

  • From Florida, what about that place in Atlanta that's on TV?
  • Since you have plenty of time, watch the bridal shows on TLC.  You will see all kinds of dresses, some of which are being chosen for renewals.  Also, look at websites.  You will see what is on the market.  you sort of need to have an idea what you like before you walk in to a store, or you will be pretty overwhelmed by the choices. 

    Also, consider your budget.  How much do you want to pay for the dress?  Are we talking thousands or hundreds.  If you budget is low, check out david's bridal website. 

  • How about a white bridesmaid dress? There are some simple, elegant dresses at David's bridal in their beach wedding section. Also there are used wedding dress sites. J crew has a wedding line. Then there are also seamstresses. You could get a custom dress! Holiday dresses, silver, gold sparkles, in better department stores.
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    First of all, if you want that dress shopping experience, then go ahead and get out there and go to some bridal shops and try on things!  You will at least know whether you want to stay in that direction or go for something a little less "bridal".  If you find a bridal gown, cool.  If you decide it's not for you, try some alternatives like department stores like Macy's, etc. 


    **Oops...just realized this is an old thread.

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