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Videographer: yea or nay?

Hi ladies,

I am weighing the pros and cons of getting a videographer for my wedding next March. Clearly it's another $$ item to the budget, but I still wonder if I'd miss not having a record, particularly of my ceremony. I also have fallen in love with some of the video previews certain videographers have online, where they edit and set the whole day to music-- I think its beautiful & a lovely memory to have recorded in such a nice way! My question to yall is: 1. Do you think it is worth it to spring for a videographer? For the married knotties, did you have a videographer at your wedding? If not, did you regret it? Any recommendations of companies? Thx!

Re: Videographer: yea or nay?

  • We weren't going to get a videographer at first, but are really, really happy we did.  We went with Splendor Films, who are sooo amazing!  I don't know what their prices are anymore, but I know they've gone up since we got married.

    My advice would be to check out the highlight videos on the websites and see if someone has a style that you like.  There were some videographers who I thought added pretty cheesy effects, stuff I wouldn't care to watch when I was looking back.  Depending on what all you are doing in your ceremony, the videographers can catch some things that might otherwise be missed -- for example, a lot of them will mic the groom if you do a "first look" so that you can have his reaction to seeing you in your dress on film.



  • We did not have a videographer and it is one of my few regrets. Knowing I can never see my ceremony again makes me very sad. It was also the last time my grandmother was really herself--she began to decline shortly after my wedding and had now passed away. These are things to think about.
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    Wow that's a great point. Thanks so much for sharing. 
  • Videography was one of the only things that my planner promised me I would regret not having.  She said I should take the money out of somewhere else before cutting it all together.  Fortunately, she also had a very cost-effective recommendation, Valentina Vladi, and so we decided to spring for it.  Even my fiancee, who is constantly looking at budgets, felt like it was a worthwhile investment.  My planner has been really happy with Valentina's projects and turnaround time.  I can't vouch for her yet, but I do know that she did fit in our budget in a way where I didn't feel like I had to give something significant up. 
  • I love my pictures, and you can't hang video on a wall, but I get so much more of the feel and essence of our wedding when we watch the video. You can't catch the quiver in H's voice when he reads his vows in a picture. To me, the video was equally as important as photography.
    I also used Splendor Films, and could not have been happier. 
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