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XP: How do I handle this?? HELP!!

This past week I set up an apt for 2 of my 3 bridesmaids to come pick out their dresses with me for yesterday. Both were informed of the date, time and place and they both responded with an "Ill be there". Well, Friday I text both of them as a reminder. One of the girls never got back to me. I even sent her something on facebook. She was a no show at the apt yesterday, and I text her last night asking what happened, and she never responded. She has since been on facebook and has yet to get in touch with me. Her husband is also in the wedding party and is FI best man. Im kind of at a loss in what to do. She has ignored me three times now, and I feel like im wasting my time. Should I just be blunt with her and ask if she wants to still be in the wedding, or just start looking for a new BM? Wedding is December 8th.

TIA :)

Re: XP: How do I handle this?? HELP!!

  • Chill.  You have plenty of time.  And stop with the indirect communication.  Call her. 
  • Indirect conversation does not work with some people at all.  I have a sister that is on FB all the time but when asked a question or sent a text, she typically fails to respond.  So I have to call her to find out what's up.
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