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What will your flower girl be throwing?

I have a five year old daughter that fiance and I would love to include in the wedding. She's actually already declared herself the flower girl, however, we didn't plan on using flowers for anything. We are having a vintage, rustic, peacock color themed wedding. We had planned on using succulents and baby's breath to compliment my bouquet but no flowers. Is there anything creative we can have her throw? I thought about maybe allowing her to blow bubbles but I know that will be a distraction for her and I wanted our family to blow bubbles after the ceremony. I look forward to hearing ideas! Thanks!


Re: What will your flower girl be throwing?

  • I had a peacock themed wedding and my flower girl tossed peacock feathers - it was a big hit!
  • You could always use silk petals, or even make paper cut-out blossoms or even hearts.  :)
  • I'm doing bell ringers instead of flowers... I plan to find vintage bells to use
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    I had a July 3rd wedding and she dropped stars. It was perfect!
    You could have her drop baby's breathe. Or check out cut/ punched card stock shapes on Etsy or Ebay.
    My sister's flower girl carried a bouquet and didn't drop anything. She was just happy to have flowers.
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  • Our flower girl was our niece, and since she is only 15 months, she just carried a kissing ball of silk flowers and didn't throw anything. It worked out great, she actually held it all the way down the aisle.
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