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We just started Our venue search for August 2014 and was always intrigued by Riverside Church. Architecturally the main chapel, the Nave, and the Imperial Ballroom are very impressive and did not disappoint during our visit. Does anyone have insight on the quality and flexibility of the Caterer, Pasha Events? Is it more standard catering hall fare or is the food actually good?

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    Hello! I actually booked my wedding there for October 2014. My fiance and I went to an open house at the Riverside and was able to test out the food - which was delicious! A family member of mine (who lets just say is a pretty picky eater) went to a wedding in June at the Riverside and said everything was delicious. Are you planning on doing a sit down dinner or stations? Would love to hear more! Best of luck.

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    Really interesting. So glad to hear someone with some insight! It hasn't been easy to get. We are seeing a couple more places this week and will make a decision. We are planning for a cocktail hour then sit down dinner. Are you having a day or evening event? We are planning for a Saturday evening. My planner said that they sometimes have more than one event per day. That wouldn't be so great. Has that come up for you at all?
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    Not it hasn't. We are having an evening event and will have the entire place to ourselves. Have you made a decision?
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    We actually went out of the city. We visited Sleepy Hollow Country Club (which is a Vanderbuilt mansion) and fell in-love. We will have the ceremony at the Presbyterian church up the street and the reception at the country club.  We will also have the church and club to ourselves.  We are happy with the decision. Good luck!
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