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hostess thank you gift

My aunt and my MOH hosted my shower, which was yesterday.  It was at my moms house, should I get all three of them thank you gifts? Also, I need ideas. So far I have looked into flowers, fresh fruit, alcohol, gift baskets, spa... etc thanks ladies!

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    As the MOB, I held my daughter's shower in my home, and it was hosted by her 3 aunts.

    None of us wanted or expected gifts.  I made it clear to my daughter NOT to spend money on me (as I knew she would consider gifts.)  And although her aunts would feel the same way, my daughter did want to thank them with a small gift.  She thought about their personal preferences.  One aunt got a manicure gift card, and another was sent flowers.  The third aunt got some plantings for her garden.  I did receive a great card with a wonderful note from my daughter. 

     My point is that you do not necessarily have to get all three the same gift.  My guess is that your aunts hosted because they WANTED to, and probably do not expect a gift.

    On the receiving end, I have been surprised with a delivery of flowers, and some lemon baked goods (as I love all things lemon).  
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    Mine got wine and a nice candle. Just give something small out of appreciation. Also, a nice thank you note goes a long way.
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    Definitely send them each a heartfelt note.
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    Retread, I got well over a thousand dollars in gifts for my shower (people were incredibly generous!) and my hostess definitely spend several hundred, so I spent $40 on a gift. It certainly did not defeat the purpose. I also did it out of want, not because I felt I had to. 
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    I agree with RetreadBride and mobkaz. Send thank you notes to your mom and aunts. If you feel like you absolutely have to do something, take them out to lunch. Or buy them corsages to wear for your wedding.
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    All you need to get them is a heartfelt note. A bottle of their favorite wine or a tin of home made cookies is a nice gesture in addition to the note.
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    A nice thank-you note should suffice, but you could also give them gift cards to a store or restaurant they would like.
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