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invite youth group teens but not their parents?

 I work with the youth at my church and there are some of them that I am really close to and want to invite to my wedding....however, I am not that close with their parents, although I know them and talk to them on occasion.  This is my second wedding and we are paying for it ourselves, so I am trying to cut the guest list as much as possible.  So I was thinking that I could invite the youth but not necessarily their parents or younger siblings I'm not close with...is this super tacky??? I just can't afford to invite a family of 5 when the only one I really want there is the youth group member I'm close to.  I thought about addressing the invitation to just the youth, and that might be somewhat tactful.  There aren't transportation issues, as these kids drive themselves, so its not like they need to ride with parents.  Advice???

Re: invite youth group teens but not their parents?

  • I think it's reasonable to only invite the kids, especially since they are teenagers with cars.  It should be understood that you have a special relationship with them.  We invited a few of our former camp kids to our wedding (although by the time we got married they were in college).  I imagine each parent would react differently, and you might have to just field a few calls asking if the parents are also included.  Or just deal with parents assuming that they're invited.

    Are you only inviting a few of the kids?  I guess my biggest concern would be your uninvited kids getting their feelings all hurt.



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