MILs are weird

My MIL just called to tell me that there are going to be two extra people at dinner tomorrow night.  And she had to emphasize the fact that they are "MUSLIM" doctors.  Then she proceeded to tell me that we need to watch what we say since they are muslim.  I'm just sitting here LMAO.  I can't believe she felt like she needed to say that.

Re: MILs are weird

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    Oh my...I'd be sure to tell MIL to call her guests and tell her that you two CATHOLIC newlyweds will be coming to dinner and that they better watch what they say since it is apparently necessary to describe the religion of everyone attending Turkey Day LOL.

    MILs are super weird, agreed. WTH does she think the topics of conversation are that might come up?

    Weird indeed.
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    So funny-  It's like, what in the world do you think I might possibly say to these people?? LOL  Too funny-hope dinner goes well:-)
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