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Help! Bachelorette Party Ideas!

I am looking for ideas for a bachelorette party in April/May 2014 for about 15 ladies (most of us ladies are 30 yrs old).  I would like to do something outside of the cities a bit and it would be awesome if I could find an outdoorsy activity to incorporate into the weekend.  Most of us ladies have been to Breezy Point and Crosslake, so I'm trying to come up with something different... Any suggestions!?!

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    Stillwater has some great winery near by. Also a pure romance party can be classy but will also make it feel bachelorette-ish.
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    Maybe a casino for a night? Mystic Lake or Treasure Island would be fun (we did mine at Treasure Island cause it was cheaper). But if you want outdoorsy, hmm....I like PP's suggestion of a winery. You could go to St. Croix/Taylor Falls--they have wineries and B&Bs if that's your thing!

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    My bachelorette party was last weekend and we went tubing down the Cannon River, followed by a shower, dinner & bars -- it was PERFECT!!   The cruise down the river took about 3.5 hours and was beautiful and relaxing!!!    I would definitely recommend for a bachelorette party if you are looking for something a little different than Crosslake (we are up there all summer).!

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    Although, the river will still be awfully chilly at that time of year...  sorry I should've read your post closer... 


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    Bluefin Bay in Tofte, MN along the north shore could be fun.  You can go hiking, biking, play tennis or golf and they have a spa.  When I have gone before I stayed in a condo/townhouse and it was very nice and you would get a discount for being off-peak which is always nice
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