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Sparkler Send Off

From what I'm finding online, it seems like sparklers are illegal in MA, but I'm also finding a few people who say "Sparklers aren't fireworks!" and giving me hope...

I got engaged on Independence Day with sparklers and I would love to have sparklers at our wedding as a tie-in to our engagement and just because they are awesome. Do I have any hope of having a sparkler send off at a wedding in MA? Has anyone ever had one? Or should I give up hope? :(

Re: Sparkler Send Off

  • Fireworks are a big no, but sparklers are fine! Just check with the venue first because some venues don't even allow candles.
  • Sparklers are okay I think! I have always used them since I was a kid and never got arrested :o)
  • As far as I know, you can't buy sparklers in MA but you can use them. It really depends on whether the venue will allow you to use them, though. I REALLY want a sparkler sendoff, but most if not all of the venues I've considered do not allow them :(
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