Good Morning!

Happy Hump Day!
  I feel like I haven't been on in forever since I can't get on from work anymore.  Things have been busy as usual, work is insanely busy so I leave there with paperwork to do at home.  I've been baking, decorating the house, and exercising.  The breast cancer awareness event this weekend was a lot of fun, but then I was sick all day Sunday (headache, bodyache, flu like symptoms).  I'm feeling much better now though.  DH is currently sick. 
  On a sad note, one of my sorority sisters passed away from breast cancer yesterday so any T & P you could send to her family would be greatly appreciately.
  Hope everyone has a great day.

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Re: Good Morning!

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    I'm doing some experiments with weird timepoints, and they require me to be in lab at 11pm and then back 8 or 9 hrs's no fun!  Hopefully they will work so I can stop doing them.  Tonight, I'm carving pumpkins with some friends and maybe napping until I go back to lab.

    hope everyone has a good day!

    H - sorry to hear about your sorority sister - Sending my thoughts to her family (and to you).  hope H feels better too.
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    Morning! Yesterday was a long day. I had to be at work by 7am for case studies, then left work around 6pm. I didnt get a lunch, so I ordered pizza and breadsticks on the way home, scarfed them down and then was seriously ready to sleep by 8pm! I'm not sure what was wrong with me. I ended up running a few errands with DH (GNC, Giant Eagle, etc) then seriously went to bed by 10pm. When my alarm went off at 7am I could barely get up! Not sure if everything is just catching up with me or what, but I never sleep that long!

    Heather-so sorry to hear about your sorority sister!
    Md-yay for carving pumpkins!
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    Good Morning Ladies!
    We had a nice night last night. FI let me know his dad and grandmom were coming over b/c his grandmom wanted to see the apt. I was distraught b/c it's still quite messy from the move and I was embarrassed! lol - With school and work I've really had no time to get everything into its proper place etc. Anyway, we all went out to dinner at a local place that is pretty good called Kitchen Bar. Dinner was great and it was nice to see them. FIs mom is away in FL fixing up his G-moms condo to sell.

    Anyway, we came home, watched BL and talked about our honeymoon! We got some quotes back from a travel agent and we reviewed them and have decided to bite the bullet and go to Tahiti! We're going to spend a few days in LA and Napa then head to Tahiti for a little over a week~ I'm SUPER excited and can't wait to have this confirmed!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

    H - I'm so sorry to hear about your sorority sister! Many thoughts and prayers for her loved ones in this very sad time...

    md - ugh! That does NOT sound fun!! Enjoy pumpkin carving and GL with your experiments!

    Jamie - I totally hear you on the sleeping issues! I've been extremely tired recently! In fact, today - when my alarm went off - I woke up to turn it off but then proceeded to go back to sleep until 7:30!! yikes! And I had to be out the door by 8... :( But I hope you are able to catch up on some rest soon!
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    Good Morning All,

    I'm not having the best morning. Last night, I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and a Jewish apple cake for my works bake-off. This morning I went to invert the cake (in a bundt pan) and about 3/4 of it went and 1/4 stucked to the pan. So, I tried to piece it together as best as I could. Hopefully, with some powdered sugar and if I turn that section away no one will notice. Then I had my purse, headphones, bag with cookies and lunch, then the cake carrier, and an umbrella on the metro, and of course I forgot my umbrella when I switched trains. Grrr... I really liked it, it was big and purple with a purple ruffle, so cute. I am so annoyed! If I don't win the bake-off, I'm just going home and drowning myself in cookies and wine. I hope today gets better!

    Heather Lynne- I am so sorry to hear about your friend. She had to have been pretty young, right? So sad.

    MD- I hope your experiments go well!
    Jamie- Hope you are just tired and can perk up!
    GMC- Tahiti sounds so wonderful! I am incredibly jealous!
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    Morning! Last night I didn't end up going to visit my pap because my workshop went way over, I was so irritated. It was nearly 8 when I got back around home and my gram told me to just go home. So I did and DH and I whipped up some Chicken Fettucini and garlic bread and ate and had a few glasses of wine. I was just an emotional wreck for some reason yeseterday and not being able to visit him set me off. So DH was a super sweetheart and made me feel so much better. This morning I finally drug my butt to the gym and I am feeling really energized. Tonight I am leaving work a little early and heading straight to my grandparents and then going to the grocery store.

    Heather- I am terribly sorry to hear about your sorority sister. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and you as well.
    MD- Have fun carving pumpkins!
    Jamie- I've felt like that too! It may be the weird weather and rain. Hope you feel better!
    Gianna- So exciting about Tahiti! I also hate when DH's mom comes over because she is a SUPER clean lady and I always feel like our place isn't up to par! She always does compliment our place though, so I guess she approves!
    Jamie- Vibes that you win your bake off! Sorry about your umbrella!

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    GM! Last night I went over to my BM's house for a puppy play date, and planning a jewelery party that i agree to cohost with her. I almost let the "tornado" warning scare me from driving and I'm so glad I didn't! It definitely wasn't that bad out - just a lot of rain!
    Today we are going to DF's work friend's house for dinner... I'm a little stressed because they asked us to bring an appetizer so hopefully I have time to whip up some deviled eggs before we head over... hopefully I can sneak out of work at a decent time!

    Heather - glad to have you back! So sorry to hear about your sorority sister.. lots of T&P sent your way and to her fam.

    md - yikes about those hrs! Have fun pumpkin carving! not sure if DF and I will get around to carving ours pre halloween...

    Jamie - hopefully you can get some GOOD sleep soon... maybe your just not getting enough restful sleep?

    G - what a great night you had last night! and Tahiti! Sooooo exciting!!

    jl - hopefully your day turns around and goodluck with the bake off!!

    Trisha - stinks you weren't able to see your grandpa last night... hoping you get to go tonight.. glad DH was soo supportive... and wine always helps me feel better too ;)

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    J - what a bummer about your cake!! GL on the contest though - I'm sure it still tastes delicious! ;) Let us know how you do in the baking contest! Also, bummer about your umbrella :( I hate losing things...

    Trisha - sorry you had such a crappy night - I know that 'break down' feeling all too well! Glad to hear you'll be able to see your pap tongiht though - how long will be be in the hospital for?

    db - a puppy play date sounds like so much fun! My pup needs one bad! lol Ohh a jewelry party sounds great! GL planning! Also GL getting the app done! Have fun at dinner tonight!

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    Good Afternoon ladies! Sounds like you all are quite busy! I'm stressing out a little as well, mainly over 2 things: First, we're having our marriage tune-up group at our apt. tonight, so I have to go home and hide all of our clutter. There might be 8 of us, so it's going to be cramped! Second, I tried on my wig last night that I'm using with my Medusa headpiece, and it look horrible- covers most of my forehead so that my face is practically hidden. Needless to say, I'll not be wearing that. So now DH is gluing the snakes to the headband and will weave them into my actual hair. This should be interesting...

    H- I'm so sorry to hear about your sorority sister. Sending you lots of comforting vibes and prayers!

    M- GL with your experiment! I remember DH doing some with weird time tables in undergrad.

    Jamiek- Hope you start feeling better! I bet it's just your busy schedule catching up with you.

    G- Gah, I hear you on the messy apt.! Yay for your HM plans though!

    Jamie- Forgetting my umbrella on the metro is a fear of mine. Hope you find a cute new one, and GL in the bake-off!

    Trisha- Yay for DH being so sweet!

    D- A puppy play date sounds so cute! GL with your jewelry party- I'm going to one on Sat.

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