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Italian food for wedding reception?

My fiance and I have just started doing taste testing for our wedding reception food, and we fell in love with an family owned italian restaurant that does catering. The food is delicious and the owner is an amazing guy. This might be a stupid question due to false perceptions, but what is everyone's thoughts on italian food for reception dining? When my sister got married several years ago, I remember her talking down to italian food and making it seem like tacky food to serve at a wedding. Is this just some misconception I have? Or is italian food something to stay away from?

Thanks, guys!

Re: Italian food for wedding reception?

  • I totally don't think it's tacky!  Get what you and your FI would like to eat, it's your wedding!  Be careful though if there's red sauce and if you have a white/ivory dress!  My aunt accidentally dropped a BBQ meatball on my white dress at my mom's wedding and I was devastated.
  • The last wedding I went to had italian food and everyone was SO excited that it wasn't chicken! But like Kschaefer90 said, make smart choices about sauce, etc.! Don't worry about what other people think. It's YOUR day to eat what YOU want! :)
  • I think this is a great idea. My DH is from the East Coast, and Italian food at a weddings (and holidays) there is very, very common as there are a lot of Italians. A couple of years ago I was there for Christmas and the Italian food they served was amazing!

    And if it was me, I wouldn't worry too much about red sauce and people getting dirty. Just watch yourself and your dress and you'll be fine.
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