Ceremony venue/church?

Hi everyone, 

Looking for advice/suggestions...We have our reception site booked for next May but are not sure how to find a ceremony venue. We want it to be a "sacred" place - I know that sounds a little hippy, but the point is we're open to different kinds of churches, worship spaces, decommissioned churches - etc., just something that is more than rows of chairs at a reception site. Our reception is in Central Bucks (Perkasie/Doylestown), so ideally within 20-30 minutes of said space. We're both baptized, although not super active, Christians - he's Baptist and I was raised Catholic - so a particular denomination is not hugely important, and outside of Catholic options (which we don't want) we don't have any "home church" or connection to one in the area. 

The thing is, I can find all kinds of info on reception sites, but can't find much on ceremony locations. Does anyone have any places to suggest? Our only real caveat is that the place would need to be willing to allow non-members in, as neither of us lives in PA at this point (we're in the PacNW, family is back east) so it's not all that realistic.

It sounds so much more complicated when I write it out!

Re: Ceremony venue/church?

  • I don't have any specific recommendations, but my first thought is to try the university/college chapels in the area, and also any Unitarian churches, as they allow non-members to be married in their church. 
  • Since you are thinking of a May ceremony what about having the ceremony at the Japanese Tea House in Philadelphia. You can always just hire an officiant to do the ceremony.
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