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Hello everyone! I'm fairly new here. I was just wondering what sort of budgets other young brides have. I'm also wondering how much your families are helping out.

I have yet to seriously discuss budgets with my parents, but they've indicated a willingness to help out at least a bit - probably $3000. After scanning the internet for affordable but nice vendors in my area I've come up with a rough budget of around $9000. Luckily we have almost two years to save!

Re: Budget

  • I am also sticking to about $9000. So far I have the venue, DJ, catering, officiant, my dress, BM dresses, and the cake. I am still on track to come out around $9,000. This is not including the honeymoon, wedding night hotel, or the wedding rings. These are things that me and my fiance are paying for, not my parents. With that, it is another $2,000.

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  • My budget is 11,000. My FI and I are paying for the whole thing ourselves. I am actually under budget and am on schedule to spend about 9600 at this point in time :)
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  • Ours was 10k but we ended up having to move it up a bit.  Luckily for me my parents paid for most of it.  
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  • 18.000 (including gown, wedding bands, BM dresses, the traditional 'Polterabend' (a German pre-wedding party), hotel rooms) and paying for it ourselves. 
    my mom offered to pay for the wedding, but I turned her down because I think she deserves to spend that money on herself. She has been so supportive for all my life and she deserves to travel whereever she wants to travel, etc. she (and my dad) paid for so many things I wanted to do (like a year abroad during high school), I'd feel bad if I took the money even though we can afford it ourselves. 
  • We got married in December. Our budget was $10k but it wound up being more around $15k. My parents paid for our wedding.

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  • My wedding was about 10,000. My parents bought me my dress and in laws paid for rehersal dinner. It would have costed a lot more except husband worked for a limo company at that time and all they charged us for was drivers hourly rate & gas. SIL owns a photography studio & only charged us for the hourly salary of her photographer and one of our friends did our favors as our wedding gift. My big expense was the reception (close to $6,000).
  • My idea of a budget was 10,000, but I never really sat down and created a strict budget, that's just a number I was comfortable with. We managed to stay under it even after I got a more expensive dress than I planned.
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  • After looking at our finances and the money we have saved we are looking at increasing to about 13,000 we plan on using the extra money for great food from an awesome chef!!!
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  • I'm hoping we stay around the 10,000 mark as well. My parents will be helping out for sure, but his family won't be able to. FI and his father are slightly estranged, they get along, but we don't feel right asking for money. My parents have more extra and have offered their help, even though my Mom keeps hinting at us Eloping and sending us on a fabulous honeymoon. Tempting as it may be, I want my big (not that big actually) ole weddin'!
  • My budget is $20,000. My parents paid for the catering and his parents are doing the rehersal dinner and all of the beverages. Other than that we paid for everything else ourselves. I still need decorations and linens. So hopefully I dont go over budget
  • Our wedding is ending up around $6,000. That includes the rehearsal, the ceremony, the reception, and our honeymoon. It also includes what our parents are contributing--one side is covering food and drinks, the other the rehearsal dinner. We weren't expecting any contribution from our parents, so it's really nice of them to do so.
  • My budget was around 15k (this includes gown, rings, ceremony and reception)

    My fiance's parents covered the beverages and the rehersal dinner
    My parents paid the catering bill and we paid for everything else ourselves.
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    My budget is $6,000 before the rehearsal dinner/photographer which my fiance's family is paying for. My parents are thankfully paying for everything else (SO grateful!). A lot of things (like reception food) we're doing ourselves and I managed to find an AWESOME dress for incredibly cheap ($200) so I think we'll be able to stay well within our budget.
  • Mine is right around 12k, we've been saving since we started talking about getting married and have thankfully been able to get to that amount.  
    I may be young, but I am an adult and don't feel comfortable accepting much from our parents. I am allowing my parents to buy my wedding dress though and his parents have graciously offered to pay for the DJ and alcohol (it's a bring your own- so I'm hoping this won't be ridiculous). 
    So all things considered, we'll probably be right around 15-16k total.
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