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Liquor License help

I am getting married in New York City in December and am having an awful time trying to sort out our liquor license coverage!  We are working on a super tight budget and are planning on using one of our favorite restaurants to provide our food -- not only does it save tons of money but it gives our guests a sense of "our NYC."  The problem is they don't have a caterer's liquor license and our venue will not allow us to get a temporary beer and wine permit on our own.

Does anybody know of a company -- catering or otherwise -- that we could hire to take care of the bar and liquor license?  I have been working on figuring this out for months now and only came across one company that wanted to charge $2000 just to use their liquor license!  We only want to serve beer and wine and we're hoping to save money wherever we can -- any help or advice you can offer would be appreciated!!
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