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June 2014 Weddings

Monday Poll - Bridesmaids Dresses

Have you picked your bridesmaids dresses yet?

If yes, where did you get them?

What color?

Are they all the same, or varying in design?

Does your MOH stand out in some way?
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Re: Monday Poll - Bridesmaids Dresses

  • Picked out, not purchased yet. Target. Grey, full length, strapless. Both the same. My best friend and sister are my MOH's since I couldn't decide between them, so I don't want either of them to stand out.
  • I finally just decided this week to have bridesmaids.

    So I haven't picked out any dresses or even looked.  I haven't even told my bridesmaids who they are yet either.  The color of the dresses will be blush pink.  I'll probably take them to bridal salons and let them pick out whatever they like best. There will only be 4 of them.


  • I have 2 BM and they will be selecting their own dresses: floor length & black. I just want them to wear what they will feel beautiful in.
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  • We've decided they're going to be black cocktail dresses.  I'll pick the designer and fabric later this fall and the girls can all pick their favorite style.  The harder part is going to be jewlery, each girl has a different color so I'll be working with a stylist friend to find different jewlery for each girl to match their personality 

    @88beautymarked I wanted Target dresses to save on cost for the girls.  A friend used Target and her dresses were beautiful.  However, the girls decided they wanted a nice dress they can really use over and over again so we are all in with a bridal salon.

  • Haven't picked out bridesmaids dresses yet, though most likely they are going to be a navy blue. 
    The only person I have in my wedding party so far is my sister (she's my MOH) and I know that she is going to want something with sleeves and knee-length. Not sure what styles my other potential BM are going to want so we'll see!
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  • edited July 2013
    @muenginerd Both of my ladies agree that the style we picked is something they can wear again and again, we all are happy with the pick. Its going to be this dress in cement grey. I'm also using Target for the flower girl dress as well.
  • I've only been looking online at different styles that I like.  I've been more drawn to a lot of the Liz Fields dresses.

    I really want charcoal gray and will probably go with a fabric like chiffon because it's a bit lighter and I kind of want a floaty, ethereal look.

    I'm not opposed to each girl wearing a different style (I have 4 + MOH) but as long as it comes together in a cohesive way.

    My sister, who doesn't dress up very often, is my MOH so just seeing her in a dress will be "standing out" enough for her.

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  • elf814elf814 member
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    I picked out four colors I wanted to use, I just told the girls to pick any knee length satin dress in their color so we are going to have four different colors and styles.  I'm excited to see what they all choose.
  • I got mine in the end of June. They're viola color from Alfred Angelo. This is the dress: http://www.alfredangelo.com/Collections/Bridesmaids/7166/?pg=0 Everyone is wearing the same dress, same color. My MOH doesn't stand out in any way, but that's okay because she'll be standing next to me!
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  • These are the options for my bridesmaids. MOH prefers the one on the right and the other girls prefer the middle one.

    ~*~June 21, 2014~*~

  • I picked out the color at David's Bridal. I am letting them pick out any dress in that color. I want to have the MOM and the BestWoman standout some how but I have not yet figured out how. 
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  • Well im choosing to have my girls wear the same dress just styled differently to make them all stand out... Im having them get Infinity dresses... that way they all can wear a dress that fits them and not everyone will look the same... Im also not going to be choosy about shoes and hair (partially because the dresses will be long lol)

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