do family members in wedding party need boutioneers/corsages, etc?

I'm having a flower dilema.....I was not even originally planning or thinking of doing flowers for people like my dad or mom or the best man or my matron of honor....Then I went and talked to a florist, and she brought it up and got me thinking.  The florist is too expensive, so we were just going to do them ourselves.  The flowers I wanted from Costco can't be guaranteed that the actual flowers I get will match the flowers in the pics on the website.  So now we are probably going to do just roses or hydrangeas.  Do these people need corsages and butioneers???? I'd prefer to do hydrangea's i think for flowers, but I don't know how i'd do flowers out of hydrangeas.  any advice is welcome please, but not negative feedback....thanks!

Re: do family members in wedding party need boutioneers/corsages, etc?

  • Flowers are not necessary for anyone, even you the bride.  But it is nice to provide the parents, grandparents, and the people in your wedding party a little something to not only honor them but to make them feel a bit special on your wedding day.

    I would say do a mix hydrangeas and roses.  You can do a nice hydrangea and rose bouquet for yourself and then just all hydrangeas for your MOH.  Same for your MOB and could just do two stems wrapped together in a small nosegay.  If you have any grandmothers, you can simply give them a long stem rose with a pretty ribbon tied in a bow.

    For the men, do simple rose bouts because rose bouts will hold up a lot better then hydrangeas will.

  • No one NEEDS flowers... Our wedding party had flowers, our parents had floral, and his grandmother had floral. Do what fits with your style and your budget.

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  • You don't have to do flowers for anyone, but if you want to go traditional, the people that would get flowers would be: bride, groom, bridal party, both sets of moms & dad. We didn't have any grandparents but MIL wanted god parents to have flowers too.

    To help save on money what about doing dyi silk boutioneers and corsages. This way you can do them way in advance and a simple silk flower with a green leave wrapped in floral tape will look nice and make the person feel special.

  • Another alternative to come sidereal for the men is having them wear pocket squares instead of boutonniere.
  • Don't do hydrangeas for boutonnieres. They are hard to keep alive... Flowers for them are not necessary but they do look nice
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