Friedman Farms/Summer Barn Weddings

Hi ladies,

I'm getting married at Friedman Farms next July and with the weather being so hot recently, I'm starting to get nervous. There is no air conditioning in the barn which I didn't think would be much of a problem as I know that area (Dallas, Pa) seems to cool off in the evenings during the summer.  We are planning to have the ceremony start around 5 or 5:30 so that by the time the dancing starts, the weather will have cooled down a bit (hopefully).  Have any of you been to a barn for a summer or wedding or had a wedding at Friedman Farms/similar venue?  If so, was the heat an issue?  

I appreciate any advice/feedback you could provide!


Re: Friedman Farms/Summer Barn Weddings

  • I was in a wedding at Friedman Farms a couple of summers ago. The loft where the ceremony ws held was stifling hot but the rest of the barn for the reception was fine.
  • I was there this June, and it was fine with all the fans on. The couple did the ceremony outside early in the afternoon, but we were lucky to have a breeze that afternoon so it wasn't bad.

  • I was there in April for a wedding the venue is amazing! All the doors to the barn open up so I'm sure in the summer it gets good air circulation and at night its probably a perfect temperature.
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