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RSVP Return Date?

As I was responding to the thread below, I figured I'd post this question:

What kind of RSVP return date have you set? 

Our reception site requires meal count 2 weeks ahead of time and the wedding is 11/2.  With that, I'd need to give them our number by Sat, 10/19 (the latest).  Would Weds, 10/9 sound about right to give us a week and a half to call any stragglers?  Could I go with Monday, 10/14 to buy a few more days for people without making FI and I go crazy?  The guest list is not huge, so I doubt we'll have many to call. 

Aaaaaand...I just jinxed myself.

I'll be ordering invites in the next few days and want to make sure this detail is set.  I've been second-guessing myself like crazy on picking an RSVP date.  Thankful that I have this place as a sounding board!

Re: RSVP Return Date?

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    I have set on for October 11th.. our date is November 16th but we have to have the last payment due on October 16.. So I figure that gives us some time to call the few.. that im sure wont send teh card in on time

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  • Our final count is due October 30, so I set the RSVP date as October 14 for our November 2 wedding. That gives us a week for late RSVPs to roll in and week for us to reach out to any stragglers.


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  • if I give myself a week & a half or so from RSVP date to final meal count, that should be good.

    I feel better.

    Thanks, all!
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