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First Post! Need some advice!

My fiancé and I are having a very simple outdoor wedding in his mothers gorgeous backyard followed by a big party with a BBQ and pig roast. Its at the end of August and my father thinks he and my fiancé should wear suits but I think it is going to be way too hot. My fiancé wanted to wear khakis with a white button up because I will be wearing a white sundress. My father is pushing the suit issue; how can I let him down gently? And does anyone else think its important the men wear suits? We have no maids or men, just my father and fiancé. TIA!

Re: First Post! Need some advice!

  • If it's casual, I think khakis and a button up are fine. Really, your FI should be able to wear whatever he wants. Just tell your father "Thanks for the suggestion, but FI doesn't want to wear a suit." and leave it at that. If your father really wants to wear a suit, well, that's up to him.

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    I'm a I prefer couples in formal attire for their wedding. Which means the groom in a suit or tuxedo and the bride in a wedding gown or equivalent dress.

    Though since you'll be in a sundress, FI should match you in formality. So his khakis and button down will be fine.

  • I think your FI should wear whatever he wants and since what he wants to wear is at the same formality level as your sundress then it should be fine.

    If your Dad really wants to wear a suit then he can.  But what he chooes to wear should have no impact on what your FI wears.

  • Ditto Maggie. If you're wearing a sundress, then your groom should match you in formality and probably not wear a suit, but if your dad wants to, then let him. Explain to your dad about your groom matching you better, and he might understand. 

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  • Thanks everyone! Hopefully my dad will understand :)


  • RetreadBride, We are going informal also. I have a wedding dress but I am not sure if Im wearing it or my white sundress I also bought. That's how informal we are right now! Its a month away and I don't know what I'm wearing yet haha!
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    We had a fairly casual wedding with a backyard reception, so our guys wore button-down shirts with vests, no jackets. Our dads still wore full suits, because that was their preference, and everyone looked great!
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    If your dad wants to wear a suit, let him wear a suit. There is nothing that says he has to match the wedding party.

  • We are having an outdoor wedding in August also. FI and GM are wearing tan suits without jackets, only pants, matching vest and ties. Our dad's are wearing full suits and we don't think it will look odd.

    Tell your dad he can wear a full suit if that's what he wants, but I think for the setting your FI's suggestion would be just fine.

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  • Dad, FI has decided that this is what he is going to wear, but if you would like to wear a suit, I think you would look very handsome.
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