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Hi everyone :)   I am in for a bit of a long engagement, but am excited and pinning and going crazy on theknot.com; so my question for you is, should I bother buying some wedding and bridal magazines?  

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    Meh, they're fun to look through. I liked to look at dresses in them before I got mine. But don't expect a lot of hard-hitting wedding tips that you couldn't find elsewhere online. I've bought a couple in airports and whatnot, but that's it. 

    Be VERY wary of "etiquette" advice you read in magazines though. Most of that advice is designed to part you and your guests with as much money as possible. They don't care if you look like an oaf of a hostess. 

    Make sure you set a budget and rough guest list before you get too carried away with any ideas. 
  • I never bothered with any bridal magazines but a friends mom worked at a hotel where they had a bridal showcase and I received a ton of magazines and they are still in the same spot they have been for the past year lol
    you could discuss budget and possible guest list when looking at ideas!
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    I liked looking through them from time to ime. Though I noticed that they are 90% the same every month with some different pictures or different arrangements of the same pictures and ideas.


  • I never bought any bridal magazines, mainly because there is so much advice, ideas, etc available for free right here on the internet. You wouldn't be missing out if you didn't buy any physical materials.
  • I wish I had taken all the money I spent on bridal magazines when I was younger ( I used to buy them every month just b/c I loved looking) and had it to put toward my dress. In the digital age, there is no real need to have printed bridal magazines. Like PPs said, so much is available to see for free. I did get one during my planning specifically so I could have a hard copy of a checklist. 

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  • I think I only bought two bridal magazines and they were both local magazines so that I could get info on vendors and such in my area.  I looked through them a few times but really I could have easily gotten the same information searching on google.

  • The national mag.'s are for dress photos. The more local ones like Southern Bride, Mississippi Weddings, Alabama Weddings ect. have good vender lists. I would go on line and to a bridle show for ideas. TK has tons of inspiration.
  • doeydo said:
    Hi everyone :)   I am in for a bit of a long engagement, but am excited and pinning and going crazy on theknot.com; so my question for you is, should I bother buying some wedding and bridal magazines?  
    They are fun to read in the tub. I bought some off another bride on TK. Between Pinterest, TK and just google searching I found everything I needed. :)
  • I have a really long engagement, too, and I've been going through bridal mags.  I'm not purchasing anything yet, but it never hurts to look!  I just figure that this way, I'll have a really good idea of what I want when the time does come
  • you can definitely find it all online, but I'm the kind of person that likes print still.  I had a couple, most given to me by my best friends when I first got engaged and honestly had a lot of fun flipping through and ripping out pages!  I saved them and went through them the other day and its funny how much my ideas have changed in 6 months!  So not, they aren't necessary, but in my opinion, they are still fun!  
  • I'm recently engaged as well but we are getting married next year. I think it would be fun to get ideas but because your wedding is so far away the trends constantly change. But I don't see why you cant have fun with finding out what you really like.
  • I bought one right after I got engaged just because I felt like it is what I should do.  The rest of them came free when we looked at venues and from attending one bridal show.  Oh and when we did our registries.
  • I'm recently engaged and haven't bothered with the magazines. I think they are nice to look at but won't give you much real advice or information. All of my advice, ideas and information came from prior weddings I've attended and knew exactly what I'd want or would not want for mine, from friends who got married recently or from online searches. I think you can easily do without them. There's more than enough information online =).
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  • You should attend Bridal Expos or check with your registry centers. They usually hand out several magazines for free. 
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