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What Do I get For My Maid Of Honor?

So, I only have 3 people in my wedding party and the two bridesmaids are extremely "girly". I am ordering them the lace racer back tanks that say Bridesmaid, mostly because they really wanted them. Haha, I had a couple of other things in mind as well.

Anyways, my sister is my best friend and Maid of Honor. I know her better than I know anyone else, but am clueless as to what to give her as a gift. I am making all three of them survival kits, but making my sisters to suite her needs. My sister is more of a tom boy and I am completely in shock she is even wearing a dress for the wedding (her choice). I want to get her something that is meaningful that she would enjoy but also have her feel like she is part of the wedding party. She doesn't like anything fitted, so it's hard to find an Unfitted T shirt that says "Maid of Honor".

I am hoping someone has experience with this or has ideas, suggestions, or links for advice. Any help is greatly appreciated. :)

Re: What Do I get For My Maid Of Honor?

  • Could you perhaps buy a vneck mens shirt (like hanes or something) and then have maid of honor silk screened on? or check etsy I'm sure they have ones you could order.

    This shop looks like it has tshirts - I'm also sure you could ask the etsy shop owner at a few of them if they would do a custom one a little differently.
  • Honestly, you could probably make one survival kit for the lot of you rather than making a pile of them. It's less of a headache, first off, and second off, people who might get offended that you assumed they wouldn't remember deodorant (or whatever) won't take it personally.

    Are these the gifts you're giving them as a thank you or just for fun? For a thank you, I'd encourage you to get them a gift they'll enjoy for a longer period of time than just your wedding day. I gave my bridesmaids each a book that I thought they'd enjoy (we are all in the same book club, so it was fitting) and wrote them each a letter about how much I valued their friendships.

    For the day of, if you really want something that says Maid of Honor, you could always make a less fitted shirt. A lot of the ladies on here have done so, and I'm sure they could give you tips on where to get the bedazzlements, or whatever they're called.
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    Bridal party shirts and survival kits are not really gifts. Would you want safety pins and deodorant as a present?

    You need to shop for them like it's their birthday or Christmas. Take your wedding out of the equation and shop for them individually and personally. 

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  • I do apologize, I should have clarified. The shirts and survival kits will be Hotel Welcome Gifts, not their actual thank you gift. For the actual thank you gift, I got the bridesmaids Alex and Ani "Thank You Bracelets" and Coach Wristlets. That is an important part I left out.


  • I did separate kits because of the style kit I was doing. They are personalized and are reusable and I got a good portion of the items from a store that I work at (love employee appreciation days).

    My two friends collect Alex and Ani Bracelets. It is the same idea as a Pandora where you have different beads for special occasions, but instead of beads, they are charms. So yes, the charm does say thank you on it.

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  • The survival kits are a waste of money. You can just put together one to keep with you on the wedding day. What is a "thank you" bracelet? Does it actually say thank you?
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