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Virus Attacks

I have had this same issue happen several times --  I'll click on a thread, it'll briefly pop up and then it will go to a different web address and I'll have Norton notify me of a blocked virus attack. Hoping they've all been blocked!  I either shut the window or "back" out.  I don't know where the issue is originating (i.e. your site or my server/computer/etc). 

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Re: Virus Attacks

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    I've had this happen too except not with Norton but with AVG since that is what I have. I actually decided to wipe everything on my computer and reinstalll Windows and all other programs. It happened again today even though TK is the only site I visit on that browser. It only happens in Internet Explorer on TK.

    So now I only check posts from my tablet.


  • Hey there! I'm going to send this over to tech to see if this a problem with TK.

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