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Meeting With Coordinator

Hi everybody!

I am about 37 days away now and I am meeting with the onsite wedding coordinator about some final details.  What are some good questions that I could ask her?  I know I'll go over simple things like the timeline, but I'm sure I'm missing some important details.


Re: Meeting With Coordinator

  • The club manager at our venue is very on top of things, so he usually anticipates any questions I have.  Helpful information he gave to me recently was seating charts for various numbers of tables based on how many guests RSVP, a list of beer available at the bar (my brother is a beer snob and needed this info haha), & a list of everything people typically bring to the venue at the final meeting a couple days before.  The list really helped us figure out what we were missing.

    Some questions I asked him are:
    • What are the vendor meal options & pricing?
    • What is the kids meal option & pricing?
    • Can we make XYZ change to this entree for our kosher friends?
    • When should we have our final meeting? (I needed to plan in advance since I'm coming from OOT)
    • We also discussed our decoration ideas and found that the club had tons of votive candle holders, so all we needed to purchase were the candle themselves.
    Hope this helps!
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    audubonbride2013, that does help a lot!  Thank you very much!

  • You're welcome!  Good luck with your meeting!
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