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Alternative to DB?

Is there an alternative to David's Bridal in the LA area?
I found a dress that I liked a month ago, but it went on sale and was discontinued in the span of a month.  In addition while it was beautiful (and affordable) the quality wasn't that good.  I'm also off-put by the large number of negative reviews on theKnot and other sites.
So I'm wondering given the fact that I have time to look (a year and spare change) and a car in order to drive a (reasonable) distance, and the fact that I have a modest budget for my dress (around $1200-$1500) Is there a bridal salon similar to David's Bridal in the LA area with a large selection and not too much snootiness?  

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    Hmm... I'm honestly not sure. I looked at various dresses at Lily's bridal in the valley (I wanted a Watters gown and the only retail shops that sold the whole line were in Beverly Hills & the valley) even though I'm more in the West LA area. They were nice enough, but I don't think I'd go back. I ended up trying on the dress in the bridal salon and then bought it on for half the price.

    I don't know what style you're looking for, but JCrew in the Grove had excellent customer service and beautiful gowns. They will also let you use any kind of online discount for your dress (like, if they have a 30% off sale online, you can get 30% off your dress!).
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    Cool thought.  I went to Bella Bridal just a few blocks from where I live.  I was really impressed, but only found one possibility.  I hadn't considered the valley though.  Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Not sure if you're still looking but there is a David's Bridal in Burbank
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    I got my dress at Alfred Angelo's for a little over $900. I'm not doing my alterations there, so I don't know what they'd charge for that. They're on La Cienega across from the Beverly Center.
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